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RoadComm Service Infrastructure provides ON-DEMAND services through our advance Voice BrowserTM which requires minimum data transition to enable low data usage cost. Most of these services are free for RoadComm customers while very few of them are in our RoadComm Platium service plan which requires minimum monthly or one time fee. Below are some of the services we offer,

Browse Internet
Allows you to browse Internet with your eyes free and hands free.

Hands Free Phone Calls
Dial number or contact by name or number via voice, totally hands free operation to minimize distraction while driving

Navigate you to destinations via turn by turn voice instructions

Vehicle Tracking
Allow corporate to track it's mobile working force to maximize productivity or parents to track their teen age children to ensure their safety

Vehicle Diagnostic
Diagnostic vehicle via connecting with in vehicle computers of most models to obtain detail report of the problem

Access e-mail from company or personal e-mail server via voice. Reply e-mail

Theft Recovery
Recovery your stolen vehicle in hours ---- even in minutes

Airbag Launch Notification

Inform safety and emergency agency immediately upon launch of the airbag when encounter serious collision to save your life

Real Time News
Listen to selected news headline, choose preferred news by voice commands

Traffic Report
Listen to traffic condition via voice commands

Mobile Office
Access personal and company data for example business proposals, address book and office memos via voice

To get stock quotes for selected stocks or market indexes. Obtain stock quotes of personal portfolio

Nearby Business
Find near by restaurant, ATM, gas station and etc. via voice

Hear weather report of current location or designated location

Address Book
Dial or email contacts in your address book via voice

To Do List
Review your to do list

Date Book
Find out your appointments while you are driving

Road Side Assistance
Obtain in-time road side assistance

Accident Report
Report serious accident and obtain emergency help automatically and timely

Much More ....

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