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RoadComm is among the first companies to offer total solution for advanced telematics, leading-edge technology, product and modules. RoadComm is your total solution provider where you can OEM full feature, state of the art system or individual hardware/ software modules to build your own telematics solution.Our modularized system is the only one in the industry ever designed with the mind of flexibility and upgrade-ability to accommodate future technology. 

System Solution

Our system solution offers in-vehicle appliance, hardware, software, firmware, wireless connection and service infrastructure plus the look and feel of your corporation. We can customize the design of our system to match with the internal design of specific vehicle. Our system is designed to add to any vehicle independent of its development cycle.

Our system provides you the in-vehicle wireless appliance, which connect you through low cost packet based wireless Internet with minimum data requirement that is one of the very few truly affordable consumer solution. Our system includes a cost effective, high performance GPS unit to offer navigation capability, finding nearby ATM, restaurants and other location based service.

The Voice BrowserTM built in our system allow you to browse Internet with your hands staying at steering wheel, eyes focus on the road to minimize the distraction from your driving responsibility. Our optional vehicle diagnostic module offers you additional safety by allowing you and your authorized individuals to monitor your vehicle condition to avoid certain potentially deadly defect of the vehicle, to provide life saving and safety assistance.

Our appliance connect to our application server which provides you with various of in vehicle services through voice browser which includes safety, security, emergency, stock, nearby business, navigation, e-commerce, Internet browsing, email, mobile office, wether report, traffic report and etc via voice. Please see Service Infrastructure for detail.

The end user price for our system is targeted for below $500, through our world wide 1st class OEM qualified QS9000 and ISO9000 certified manufacturing facility, we are able to provide you cost effective solution with world class quality, JIT and Word Wide logistic support.


Besides system solution, RoadComm offers hardware and software modules of our system to customers who prefer to develop their own telematics solutions or for other applications. Below are part of the modules we offer..

GPS module (RC-GPS1) Includes built-in antenna and smaller than the size of a credit card, this is one of the most cost effective GPS solution available today. RC-GPS1 is able to track 12 satellites simultaneously, provide very high accuracy, strong reception and is capable of working with many difficult environment. It's very easy to mount or integrate into vehicles. Please contact SALES for special OEM pric quote! Click here to down load detail specification in PDF format.

Vehicle diagnostic module connects to computers in your vehicles to retrieve information, detect airbag launch, obtain diagnostic data and etc. Our module supports most models of vehicle manufactured by all major auto-makers..

Wireless System Control Board is a cost effective DSP based design with expanded system resource. User can use this board to address their system need in providing wired/ wireless Internet protocol, speech processing, voice processing and etc.

SpeechCommandTM very small footprint speech recognizer that requires minimum computing power while provides speaker dependent/ Independent, speaker verification, speaker adaptation and continuous recognition capability which previously only could be seen in server class recognizer. Our easy to use eXpress DSP compliance API allows you to integrate it to your system easily. Click here to see detail.

Text to Speech Module is world's only pure DSP based TTS engine. Very small footprint and requires only 12+ MIPS. It's certified by Texas Instrument as eXpressDSP Compliant thus it can be integrated into your system with very little effort. It provides near human quality voice that you may think it's real human speaks. The quality of speech has reached nearly the maximum technology can do in an embedded environment. We offer parameters for you to tune the voice to your satisfactory thus you can create different men, women and child's' voice. You can click on the following links to listen to sample voices of men, women and child.

If you are interested in purchasing or licensing our product, please contact us at

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