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Fleet TrackingRoadComm has developed easy to use application interface (API) for our OEMs and VARs to customize the feature of our product and services. Our API is designed to be easily used by developers without related experience to quickly customize feature or to create unique services.

Our OEMs and VARs can use our API to develop truck fleet tracking, vehicle fleet diagnostic/ service, corporate resource tracking/ management, vehicle safety, location based services, CRM, material management, delivery/ pick up tracking, military combat, emergency service and other systems.Command and
Control System

With our API, services those used to cost millions of dollars and many years to develop can now be developed with very little cost and within days. Our OEMs and VARs can now be far ahead of their competitions in time to market, cost, feature and flexibility.

Because taking advantage of world class manufacturing, volume production and cost effective architecture, we are expecting our OEMs and VARs to dominate their market segments and it's likely impossible for others to compete with them.

Q & A

SecurityQ: Do I need to have experience in wireless product, Internet protocol or any knowledge of the product in order to program RoadComm API

A: No, our API is designed for easy to use. No prior knowledge of wireless, protocol, GPS and etc. is required. Most programmers with Java or C++ programming experience can start development using our API within 2 hours after receiving our development kit.


Security Vehicle Dispatch
Emergency AssistanceQ: How can I become a RoadComm developer? Do I need to be an OEM customer or reseller in order to become a developer?

A: You don't need to be an OEM or VAR in order to become a developer, however you need to establish confidentiality and user agreement with us.


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