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RoadComm is among the first companies to offer total solution for advanced telematics,leading-edge technology, product and modules. Through years of expertise and research in the automotive industry, RoadComm has built flexible and reliable software, hardware (such as speech recognition, text to speech, GPS, vehicle remote diagnostic, voice browser and wireless technology), application services, development environment and innovative tools (API).

RoadComm's innovative architecture provides open standards for the industry, OEM and value added resellers to easily provide value added services. Our in vehicle devices link to the Internet via packet based wireless networks and leverages Java applications to exchange data to and from the vehicles with Wireless Telematics Service Servers. Addressing issues such as safety, privacy, convenience, customer royalty, cost saving, remote diagnostic/ access and connectivity, our in-vehicle information systems and solutions enable our OEM customers to provide hands-free and eyes-free technology as part of hard to break long-term relationships with their customers. As the telematics revolution is now gaining momentum in market such as insurance, consumer, transportation, environmental, chemical and commercial market, RoadComm is prepared to position our OEM customers to be the leader for the coming years.

Our system is the only one in the industry ever designed with greatest flexibility  and upgrade-ability thus you can use it for many years without worrying about the advance of technology in years to come. Our modularized design allow you to upgrade wireless link, computing power, adding functionality and even change operating system.


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