How to pair a Bluetooth GPS receiver with your BlackBerry

LifeInPocket can activate all non Verizon/US Cellular BlackBerrys and Storm, Tour and Bold from Verizon/US Cellular. internal GPS for you. You can enjoy LifeInPocket's GPS related features without effort, simply make sure you give LifeInPocket permission to access GPS and turn BlackBerry GPS on at BlackBerry Settings.

If you have a BlackBerry without internal GPS or it's GPS is blicked by Verizon/US Cellular, you can use Bluetooth GPS to take advantage of LifeInPocket's GPS related features such as navigation, business/restaurants search/review, real traffic report, location messaging etc.

LifeInPocket offers the capability to pair your Bluetooth GPS automatically with your phone by selecting “Settings and Help” icon at LifeInPocket home. While BlackBerry does not allow applications to pair Bluetooth devices for you thus you will have to follow below procedures to do it manually.

Before pairing your BlackBerry with a Bluetooth device you need to have Bluetooth activated on your BlackBerry. That can be done in the following easy steps :

  1. In the device options, click Bluetooth.

  2. Press the key.

  3. Click Enable Bluetooth. (or Turn Bluetooth On icon)

    To turn off Bluetooth®, press the key. Click Disable Bluetooth (or Turn Bluetooth Off icon).

We now will have to let the BlackBerry find the Bluetooth device we want to pair and pair it.

Some Bluetooth® enabled devices have passkeys that you must type before you can pair with them. That passkey is mentioned on the Bluetooth GPS receiver's manual. For example, most Bluetooth GPS receivers have “0000″ as passkey. Make sure it's on before proceeding with below steps.

  1. Go to “Settings -->Options --> Bluetooth”.

  2. Click Add Device in the screen’s menu.

  3. A search will be performed and all Bluetooth devices in range will appear in that list.

  4. Select the device you want to pair and if prompted, enter the passkey for that device.

  5. By confirming that dialog the Bluetooth device you will see it appearing in the list.

Please note, BlackBerry software 4.2 and below has a know bug which may occasionally disconnect Bluetooth GPS receiver! This problem can be recovered by selecting BlackBerry Bluetooth icon to turn on and off to reset the connection.